It's Close, That's What Matters


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... (free) 00:40
The Conflict 02:22
I am the filthy fly that landed in your soup; I am the pebble that plays inside your shoe; the clouds on a Sunday morning; the blister on your toe burning; the conflict... I wish I had a sweet and pleasant taste and take your life into the brightest days; I wish I had a sweet and pleasant taste but I can't pretend what I am not. I wish I were a different kind of man but I can't pretend what I am not. Cheerful and optimistic as you are just let me put my finger in your eye, it will hurt a bit but I think it will help you to see how bitter life can be...
I have seen my father dying and how the cancer ate him; I've seen disaster all over the world. I should have closed my eyes; I should have lost my sight... And I would have a cleaner brain and all those nasty pictures would never be back in my head. Sight can often be misleading, so question your perceptions before you're taking any step... Looking so old and being so young; looking so bad and being so good; looking so brave and having no guts, looking so up and being so down...and out. And I would have a cleaner brain and all those nasty pictures would never be back in my head. I think I'll never survive this life with all those pictures in my mind; it wouldn't be a surprise to die...
Ten years old, all days are sunny. Young and naïve you didn't care about the money Young and naïve friendship was your most rated value Walking in life believing the lies But you can't trust friends anymore You can't trust love anymore because you're 30 Left behind your youth but frustration's still with you And you won't get rid of it until you're dead Ain't got nothing else to dream about Ain't got illusions and it feels so sad when nothing can surprise you Because now you're 40
Lights shine his dirty face after walking without rest for seven hours. He only kept his name and remains locked in a cell without a door. And he states he can't remember what he did that day. He can't remember what he had left... All the evil in his head placed his memories in hell. All the voices in his head told him what he had to hate. How did your insanity became ally instead of enemy and your lack of self-esteem your only virtue. No one ver paid you his respects; no one ever flattered your speech and there seemed to be a reason for their death... Which turned out to be yours...
She woke up at 5 a.m. on a cold winter day; She tried to make ends meet and feed her little girl. She would dream she was not alone and she had a place that shel could call home; she begged life for one more chance to get a bit of her love back... As time kept passing by and wrinkled her smile she never lost her hope. She still could look above to see the sky...
Polygraph 02:47
Once again you look into my eye, you try to find the lie that lays behind my iris; I'm calmed enough to face the test. Check my heart and check my lungs, my breathing rate and every drop of sweat that's in my forehead; I won't tell any single lie, but tell me... If I have lied; If I am wrong; what's the result?... I am still waiting for your questions; you will be waiting for my answers too... Tell me what's the result? Say it aloud; shout it all out... Te truth is nothing but what we have decided to believe in..
All 01:14
I have always liked the heat; the sun over my skin...the wind blows whispers...I have it all because I have you...
You've been raised and you've been taught; you've been helped to find what you look for; you received the gift you wanted the most... Saved from doom 1000 times; given longer and stronger arms to hold things that seemed unreachable... Why do you still keep you passive? Isn't it time to give something back? Turn thoughts into facts and act instead of seeing your days passing by... You've been smiled at, you've been loved; disappointed by unfulfilled hopes; you've been wished the best and got the worst... Given water through the dunes; hit and knocked out by the fist of truth and then soothed by a silent tune...
How I love when I get some silence; how I love to listen to your voice in the mornings; and Ezra Pound poem; the river that flows or my favourite song by Picore... I couldn't live without the calming sounds of the sea or how the love screams to say what it means; or the ring when your best friend is phoning you... Better blind than deaf 'cause I need to hear all that makes worth living this life; so incomplete...
I have finally erased the footprints that you left when I said "hey, you leave my house!" So what if I show you my middle finger and say fuck you instead of a heartfelt hello Get out, you dirty bastard and never come back, I'm sick of you, you dirty bastard, never come back. Let's hope a good Lord damns your existence, I will spit every time I hear your name; there will be no more handshakes...
Future 03:45
It's not as you thought that it would turn out to be. Not bright, not dark, not like your early childhood dreams. It is much different from what you thought it should be, not like in those Hollywood films. Future is here to stay and it's not what you expected, but it stole uncertainty... You thought you'd have a house and raise a family, you thought you'd have a job and a good salary... getting too old, getting too bald; getting to bored to say no... Being confused; being abused; starting to lose yourself... Future is here to stay and it's not what you expected, but it stole uncertainty...


released June 6, 2007

Luis Kleiser: guitars and vocals
Rick : bass
Rubén Rodriguez: drums

Produced by Cristian Barros and Carlos Estella
Recorded; mixed and mastered at Delicias Discográficas Studios by Carlos Estella; José Manuel Huerta and Cristian Barros
All songs by Lavodrama
Artwork by David Daza and xaifu


all rights reserved



LAVODRAMA zaragoza, Spain

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