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Dear Friend 03:23
Hey you, my friend..It's been six or seven years since we last met...I guess we've changed; I don't think I know about you anymore...Do you know about me? Where did all those things we shared go?... You don't know about me; tell me where they go...We didn't try to keep in touch; how stressful lives we've got , but we can't complain, can we?...How come we didn't try to hold it? How come we carelessly let it go?...At least we still have our memories, so many moments...At least we still are acquaintances...It's sad that we both know that it will not be back... I guess we don't want to have it now...You don't know about me...
The Basement Days (free) 04:18
I can still remember all the days that we spent getting rid of our burdens and seizing the days...driving ourselves to nowhere leaving all troubles behind...escaping from a boring life...And every single night we talked about our dreams under a starred sky...We were glad to be alive, so overwhelmed by quietness...We were free for once in a very long time...We forgot about the world and learnt that there is so much more to have...We had or busy minds and our exhausted bodies walking hand in hand...Those days will be back...
Anger 04:05
He could not count to ten...released the rage that he had in his head...and let it go in the shape of words he shouldn't have said...He barked, he yelled, he shouted...now he regrets he has such a big mouth...but he can't erase the past and what's done it's done and that's true...Sadly he behaved like the werewolves at night...and he shouldn't have sharpened his claws and start the fight...he'd like to dig a big hole and bury himself till the end of the world and never come back...Anger over head...
The Quest 03:34
Some people think it is in love...some others try to find it in their faith... I think nobody really knows where to find it...We search in every corner and in the bottom of our souls...It always comes when it is least expected...It may be right under your nose...or you may have to go beyond...we try to find it no matter the way...It's what we're all looking for...and it's up to you to have it and to have the guts to grab it with your hands...I ain't tired yet; I keep walking...Some people think that you may find it in love some others find it in faith...I ain't tired...I keep searching
Collectors 02:48
I have more than 2000 compact discs...12 pairs of shoes and 3 tvs...I have downloaded some good movies from the net that I won't have the time to see...Maybe tomorrow...I'll fill my shelves with books that I will never read in my whole life...I'll waste my time with the 200 videogames I think I have...I keep, I keep...I spend, I spend...I try to load my place with everything that I'm able to pay...I am a 21st century man...Collecting all that I find


Luis Kleiser: guitars and vocals
Rick : bass
Rubén Rodriguez: drums

Victor García played keyboards on "The Basement Days"
Recorded at Ultramarinos Costa Brava Studios
Produced by Santi García


released June 6, 2008



all rights reserved



LAVODRAMA zaragoza, Spain

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